Concept of Abstraction

In this concept of abstraction, I will be delving into the mind and how the stress of massive work sums can drive someone to the point of madness. Paper will be used to represent the mind, beginning with a bright, pure white color. The paper will begin to rip, each tear line representing the amount of stress the work load gives me. Sometimes the tears will be slow, as an assignment will take longer to give me stress, sometimes the tears are fast and anger me easily, while most other times the tears will either only go part way as I finish the assignment before I get stressed, or I do the assignment with no stress at all, which is rare. As time goes on, the color of the paper will go down in value, slowly becoming more gray as the madness begins to slip in. At some point it may change to different bright colors rapidly, possibly a rainbow effect. This would be the insanity that has eventually entered in, and will only leave as soon as the end comes, with a black page that does not tear, for it represents the end, the nothingness that this work has eventually lead to.

Below the torn pages will be a soft material, like cloth or possibly cotton. This is to show the softness of the person that is under all of this stress, giving some insight to the interior of the person, instead of just the outer layer. This is also to give the video some texture, a light fluffiness in contrast to the flat blandness of the paper.

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