Imaginary Landscape #2


For this image I went off the concept that paradise does not exist, that there will not always be good in people’s lives, and simply that bad things just happen and we can’t do anything about it. The high rising palm tree on the island is to represent paradise, a place of perfection. I kept the island and tree off center, while at the same time placing a coconut on the other side to give the image asymmetrical balance. To get the effect of the coconut floating in the water, I simply turned down the opacity on both the ripples in the water, and the reflection of the coconut. The dark clouds are to represent the uncontrollable bad things in life that happen to everyone at some point.

The hardest part of creating this image was the clouds. There are not a lot of side view pictures of clouds, so I had to improvise, taking multiple pictures of clouds from both the below and above, and then blending them all together to create the illusion of the tree going through a cloud. I ended up with about 2 layers of storm clouds and 3 layers of light clouds.

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