Accordion Book



This book was to represent one day from a week long cruise. The day began with my family getting off the boat, and walked along the boardwalk, which I remember being very long, so I chose it as the entrance to each new image, just as it was the entrance to the island. My father and I took a Segway ride around the island, our tour guide showing us interesting sights, as well as explaining some history of the island. Afterwards, we went to the beach, mostly swimming in the ocean. Later in the evening, my mother, sister, and I went around shopping. During that shopping trip, I found a fruit soda that tasted truly amazing. As represented in the image, it was like fireworks in my mouth. At the end of the day, we had some strawberry daiquiri before we got back on the boat, leaving the island.

Most of the soft lines I used were to represent soft objects, mainly liquids, with the exception for the wheel, which I wanted to seem blurry and going fast. The wheel also has some light lines above it to seem like wind going by. The little sticks with circles on top are to represent people, mainly to give reference to how big the boat is.

My work could be a bit more creative, most images being very literal with exception of the fireworks. The work is fairly consistent, with some images having bumps in the lines. The most distracting thing could possibly be the crookedness of my pages. They weren’t lined up with the covers properly. I should have spent more time on it. I have to submit my work with the distraction because it is very hard to fix, which would involve tearing the pages off and gluing them back on, which would make the book look worse.

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