Final Imaginary Landscape


dirt-floor-mansion-karen-lawsonAfter a long search through the dictionary, I found the word rutilate, which means to shine or emit rays of light. I took it into a more literal sense, where people live out their lives on a lightbulb. This can also be thought of as our planet being a light in the dark, one of very few planets being able to support life. The human race just so happened to be the ones to end up here, and someday that light will go out. Also light can mean sunshine, which is equated to two things, daytime, and summertime, which is why everyone is happy and the kids are playing around.

The people, the house, and their reflections on the light were not difficult to include. It was trying to make it seem like the light was coming from the ground the objects stood upon was the difficult part. Needed to add two layers of levels adjustments, one for the light on the bottom and one for the shadows on the top. The house looks decent having it’s shadows on top and most of the light on the bottom. The people however seem to have the same amount of light throughout their entire body, with no shadows on top.

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