Objectified Response

Objectified, though titled as a documentary, is more of a social commentary on design fitting into the daily lives of human beings. It was made to give the consumers and average joes of our world insight as to the creators and innovators who design and reconstruct the products of our daily lives. The creators of the film went around the world to record different opinions from different designers, from Paris to Japan, America to Munich, different cultures with different ways of designing. It had them describing their emotions they put into their designs, as well as their inspirations and past experiences.

Design is persistent. Not by means that one design will last forever, but that the concept of design, the ideal of making something better than it already is and doing it creatively, is essentially eternal. Design is prevalent. It has spread to almost every single thing a human can touch, or see, or taste, or hear. Nearly all objects we are in contact with in our daily lives are crafted in certain ways, and yet we rarely stop to think about it. We don’t take a big Pringles can and wonder, why is it round? Why not just fit it around the form of the chip? Design is marketable. People tend to buy the new and the good-looking, they want to be trendsetters. If not trendsetters, they want to follow the trend. Not only is it trends, but marketing accessibility, usability, reusability, comfort, the things that make using products easier, all are brought into consideration during the designing process, as well as using those concepts to market said designs.

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