Abstraction Video

My concept of abstraction was to express the mental state of a person who has retained an overbearing workload, as well as the stress that is induced by said work. The paper represents a person’s head, tearing itself apart from the headaches and the stress of work. Each different paper and the contents on said paper make for an idea that is ultimately thrown away after being considered a failure. The reason for the soft cloth underneath was to represent the soft underside of the person with the workload put on them, being fragile on the inside. Without the concept, the video may seem very simple and meaningless. It would lack some depth to it, and would be very bland. Did I communicate my concept well? No. It is incredibly out there and if not explained, someone would not get that sense of stress via work.

The two artists I looked to research for was Walter Ruttsman and Norman McLaren. In Opus I by Walter Ruttsman at 37 seconds, he has smooth motion of the shapes moving from the bottom of the screen to the top. Also I took the moving the pieces of paper apart from a piece in Opus IV around the minute 28 seconds point.

In Norman McLarens work Dots, I focused in on the dots that moved across the screen instead of the ones that moved away from the image and faded into the background. Not the best option for this piece since everything was changing in size and shape. His other work Neighbors however was very helpful. The stop motion aspects, especially that of the flower when it sprouted out of the ground, gave me an understanding of what smooth stop motion looked like in action.

Though my concept was weak and the animation didn’t communicate the concept well, the animation is fairly smooth. It was especially smooth around the ending part where the tear went horizontally along the paper, as well as the top half of the paper falling down in a sad Titanic like motion where it went straight down outside of the viewing area. The smoothest part of the piece, however was the piece of paper that bobbed back and forth. It didn’t seem to jitter or jump around, and it didn’t seem to move too slow. The piece of paper moved back and forth at just the right speed. Finally each paper when they exited and entered the frame, with exception of the entrance of the second piece of paper, were very fluid and at the correct speed I wanted them to be.

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