Political Cubism Poster


I chose the issue of Flint, Michigan for this piece. In Flint Michigan back in 2014 the city decided to switch their main water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River. A year later people began to see discoloration in the water, and many children had been exposed to lead contamination. This is ridiculous because of how irresponsible the decision was to change to a water source that they most likely did not check for contamination

The art movement of Cubism is a basic one, but is structured in a way that can make complex images. The repetitive and extensive use of geometric shapes give form to objects and can create people, which is what I attempted to do in this image.

The coloring of the river was to express that their are traces of lead in it, and the sickly color of the child’s skin as he drinks the water.

The message surrounding the image about Flint, Michigan could have been shown better, having only two elements about the issue.

Some of the piece does Cubism well, mainly the left hand side of the sky and the body of the child.

Through this project, I have come to the understanding that the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator is great at making any kind of geometric shape you want, which is the basis behind Cubism.


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