Flag Gesture Drawing #1: Floor Height


With the right hand motions and a careful eye, one can recreate objects that are right in front of them through gesture drawing. In the case of this black and white flag, it obtains some of the feeling of the real life counterpart. It has clockwork circles to check and adjust the corners. It has scale, as well as a grid box to keep the size consistent.

The corner at the top of the image could have been brought down more as so it doesn’t look so much as a top down perspective of the flag, or possibly the corner to the right could have been dropped as well. The shading under the front-most corner is decent, it looks better from afar, but as the viewer gets closer they begin to see how the shadow hasn’t blended well. The boundary lines on the white stripes could have been lighter due to the actual white stripes seeming to blend into the ground and become invisible. The black stripes are colored in well enough, but they lack the atmospheric gradient from lighter on the top to darker on the bottom. The image is nice, however it could use a bit of work.

Through this exercise I have come to the understanding that though graphite is messy, it can be consistent, and can blend well throughout the image. It is well-rounded in use, being able to create lighter lines, as well as creating pure shades of black. This has also taught me more than other experiences that gesture drawing takes time and patience. You will not get it right on your first go, you have to assess and adjust multiple times throughout the drawing process until it gives way to the form you will it to be.

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