Flag Gesture Drawing #3: Sharp Fold


Not the easiest object to draw, but also not the hardest. It doesn’t have incredible detail and is not very complex, put it is not simple. It has It’s own personality to it, not being a flat and plain while also not being complex and hard to understand. Much like a tent, one line with something draped over it.

The black lines contrast the white lines, causing the white lines to almost disappear into the background. The value of the paper at the fold is brighter from the light being closer to that line. The shadows near the paper have sharper lines, and slowly blur out as the paper gets further away from the ground.

The fold is good, wish the fade on the highlight at the top of the fold was smoother, but besides that it gives the impression of a fold. The repeating lines are inconsistent in size, each changing in weight as they go up, and the lines on the other side being bigger or smaller than the ones in front.

Never finish a drawing until you see that everything is in the right place. This is why the lines are inconsistent, there was no multiple checks of how big they were.

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