Political Dadaism Poster #2


Once again using Dadaism and tackling the issue of nuclear missiles and their existence in the world, this piece is closer to dadaism than the first poster was. It has more nonsense in it, making it less of a whole piece that fits together. The man to the left is Robert Oppenheimer, one of the creators of the atomic bomb, but began to despise his creation as the weapons grew more destructive. On the right is Kim Jong Un, current leader of Communist nation North Korea, and regularly boasts the nuclear arsenal of the country, even though he has never used it after he threatens to. Almost all of the articles are from newspapers, with exception to the one on the left, that pertain to nuclear weapons in some way.

The two foreground objects create asymmetrical balance, however they could have been made bigger as so there wasn’t so much negative space. The sepia tone of the newspapers adds contrast the the black and white, bright foreground figures. The word stop repeats on Oppenheimer’s hand, each letter being on a different finger. Some of the images could have been better quality, mainly the image of Kim Jong Un and the nuclear missile being fired.


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