Phenakistoscope Project




In Motion


Section in Motion

This project was used to demonstrate the combined efforts of human craftsmanship and animation. Digitally, this phenakistoscope has very smooth motion, with consistent images in each section. However, when spun in a mirror, it is blurry and hard to see. This is due to the large size of the notches around the edge. If they were smaller, there would be less motion blur, therefore being clear and visible. The large notches in this project were due to poor craftsmanship on the creators part, not making consistent pieces and a lack of attention to detail.

The colors are bright and vibrant on the outside, which contrasts with the black middle piece. The piece has good rhythm to it, mainly in the pinwheel that repeatedly changes colors.

The painting on this piece is plainly and simply bad. It is generally smudged and outside of the lines, it got onto places around the edge at times, making it darker, and it detracts from the uniform of the piece. This lack of quality was from the creator not having enough control over the medium.

Something to learn from this project is to revise your project. Then rework it to be presented better. Then revise it again. Never settle for anything. You will end up with shoddy work that will not represent the skill you truly have.

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