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Final Animation Project

Doing an animation based upon the style of Bruce Pickford is not easy. This animation can be more closely related to Art Cloke’s Gumbasia considering the more brighter tone than that of Bickford’s highly detailed fluid transformations in things like … Continue reading

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What If Poster Project

What if we only ate grapes? There would be more love and joy spread around, brought by bountiful harvests of grapes for everyone to enjoy. The love can be shown by the heart made of grapes and the background, and … Continue reading

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Gallery Write Up: Brian Murphy

James Stephens Jason Bernagozzi Dgma. 1403-01 SET 302/8:00 20 November 2016   Anaglyph imagery and video are most commonly used as a means to create a stereoscopic effect, tricking the brain into believing that a flat two-dimensional image is actually … Continue reading

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Narrative Montage: Hunger Ridden

Narrative montage on procrastination and the ideas and concepts that go through ones head when procrastinating with a comedic style applied to it. It uses metric montage in the transition from day to night as well as rhythmic montage with … Continue reading

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Paper Mask Project

Front View Side View Back View Jaw Demonstration Clean and concise, paper masks can be an extension of their creator. For this project, I took inspiration from the painted skulls of the Hispanic holiday the Day of the Dead, or … Continue reading

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Final Animation Progress

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