Paper Mask Project


Front View


Side View


Back View


Jaw Demonstration

Clean and concise, paper masks can be an extension of their creator. For this project, I took inspiration from the painted skulls of the Hispanic holiday the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos. They are filled with repeating patterns and turn something that would seem so dark into something light and celebratory. My mask demonstrates the festivity and the history that the painted skulls contains, with it’s own charm to it.

The infrastructure of the mask is slightly rigid, but is sturdy enough to stay together. It fits just fine around my face, the only problem being the jaw piece that is slightly loose from the elastic bands on the inside being worn down from the movement. The nose gave me the most trouble, at first creating a piece for the nose that was too small, then creating a piece that would move up and away from my face. This problem was fixed when I created a new nose piece that fit the whole way and taped it to the cheek portions of the mask.

The outside of the mask is incredibly clean, with exception to the inside of the jaw showing some tape, there are very few marks of pen or pencil, and very little tape is showing. The pieces are consistent in size and are only slightly varied in position. To make the piece stand out more it should have more patterns since it has so much blank space. Due to all of the blank space, the most interesting function is the moving jaw. It was difficult to mold to the jaw on my own, and my beard hair now presses it out, but it can move like the normal bottom half of a mouth, and it goes back up because of the elastic on the inside.

One thing to take from this project is to not be afraid to ask for help, Whether it be someone holding a piece of paper in place for you, or putting tape in place you can barely see. Assistance is a crucial asset sometimes.

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