Final Animation Project

Doing an animation based upon the style of Bruce Pickford is not easy. This animation can be more closely related to Art Cloke’s Gumbasia considering the more brighter tone than that of Bickford’s highly detailed fluid transformations in things like Baby Snakes.

Based upon the question of “What is a forest?” I took it in the sense of a child seeing a forest. A forest is full of mystery and wonder, you do not know what you will find when you venture in. Odd creatures, mystical objects, all sorts of things.

The biggest problem with this animation was the lack of clay. Bruce Bickford does the incredibly highly detailed animations with elaborate clay backgrounds because he has the amount of clay to do so. As a human error, I didn’t acquire such amount of clay, even though the means of taking such clay were provided to me.

The animation that is most fluid is during the transformation of the face, especially in the mouth, and the tail on the snail creature. The use of pixilation, even with how limited it is, ran smoothly, with only the last couple of frames being slightly blurry.

Bruce Pickford was reliant on music and sound effects so adding in the sniffing at the portion with the bear and the squish at the pixilation point seemed necessary, and as a personal twist against Bickford’s use of more rock music, I chose a fast paced classical song instead. The song Moonlight Sonata adds two meanings to the animation, one is to give more emphasis on the title, and the second is sort of hidden in that Every single frame had to be shot at night since where I was doing most of this animation there was a large window where the light would enter in and create too many interruptions with the lighting I wanted to use.

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