Reference Image


First Caricature



Final Caricature

I began with an image of myself making an odd face, and drew the first in my sketchbook, trying to exaggerate and angulate certain features of my face. I wanted to extend my extruding jaw and make the mouth smaller to put more focus on the large glasses and my eyes, as well as flattening the top of my forehead to get a more defined hairline.

After talking amongst my classmates, they gave me some ideas and critiques as to how I can improve on the image. The jaw was extended even more, and the head was made even more angular. The beard was enlarged to give it more of a focus, and the mouth was shaped more oval than the reference image, but less circular than the first caricature. The glasses were decreased in size to give more attention to the eyes. I felt the headphones were mot necessary, so they were not drawn in.

After finishing the drawing, I took the image into Photoshop to give it color. Using the paint brush and the layer opacity tool, I added in the different colors of my face and jacket, adding tints of darker hues of the color to give the definition of shading. The shading wasn’t meant to copy the reference image exactly, but was there to give the caricature some depth to it. The addition of the sweatshirt was for an iconic look, since I am generally wearing it all the time.

Something I have learned from this is to spend more time thinking about how I want something to look rather than doing it. The colors were not planned well and they came out very plain.

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