Project: Canon- Story & Character Backstory

World History

In this time, no one had memories of the planet Earth. They hadn’t known of the green grass, the vast oceans, the wild forests, because no one had ever been there. They only knew Minerva. At first she was a barren home, small amounts of water, few mountains, but she was vast in deep yellow grassy fields. Those fields were as if the sun had lost a piece of itself, and landed onto Minerva, dressing her in the most beautiful gown she had ever seen. They felt as if they would go on forever, until humanity was knocking on her doorstep. Space travel had come radically far since the first landing on Earth’s Moon,  what came even faster was the creation of cities on Minerva’s surface. Eventually  Mega-cities popped up all over, some of the first to colonize the planet believed that the skyscrapers could reach the stars faster than any ship could. This sprouting of cities congregated people to them, and when where large crowds go, they need to be fed. The parts of Minerva that weren’t plowed and covered in metal were turned into farmland to feed the mechanical giants that were still expanding.

For many years, Minerva was at peace, until The Navy showed up. Even though they were human, The Navy was treated as a separate being by Minerva’s people. They were ruthless, war hungry, and had come to the colonials exclaiming that humanity has taken a different path, and that they would be led to prosperity through victory and conquer. The people of Minerva were hesitant, they didn’t want to give up their peace, but they accepted anyways, for they would never win a fight with how many gunships The Navy had brung on their grand entrance.

Thankfully for Minerva, The Navy would have come at the right moment, as years later, the first contact with alien life is made. That ended in bloodshed. Soon instead of buildings, the cities of Minerva were building ships in the coming defense of their planet. The Navy, who were not caught off guard when humanity was attacked, had already been planning for war, preparing everything necessary for a planet-wide draft to gain as many pilots as possible.

The Navy is strictly a space faring unit. They have little to no troops for ground operations, and are equipped for ship to ship combat only. Compared to the enemy, The Navy has less firepower, but what they lack in strength, they make up for in speed, having faster and more maneuverable ships.

Character Backstory

Even in his childhood, Cage was tall, undoubtably tall. Enough to pick him out in a crowd of 100 kids. His mother would always comment on how they’d need bigger doors when he got older (They did). Not only was Cage tall, but he was strong. Being born and raised on a farm away from the high rising cities was enough to build up quite a bit of muscle on the boy. By the time he was 18, he was plowing the fields more than he was spending time with his family. But sadly by the time he was 18, the draft was put into effect.

Cage’s family was very backwards, they were extremely distant from technology, so distant that they downgraded their farming equipment. Cage’s mom seems to think it was because his father lost his brother in an accident while harvesting grain in their youth. This distaste was put early into Cage’s head, but that didn’t stop The Navy from taking him away from his home, shoving him in a fighter and giving him the most barebones crash course on how to pilot the thing they could lawfully give. Cage was a natural. He learned how to fly faster than many other new recruits, yet he still hated it. He would have quit The Navy right from the start if only he had the option.

Cage was terrified of the new life he was thrown into. He never knew of the technologies that were now a part of his daily routine, he almost believed he was eating, drinking, and sleeping metal, it surrounded him. To cope, he took to smoking. He would almost go through a pack in two days or so, everyone would always see him with a cigarette in his mouth. Due to this immense amount of smoking, his lungs began to weaken, he became one of the few pilots to need a respirator when they were sent out. No one ever told him to stop, some even joined him, most everyone needed a way to adjust to their new lives.

Before the draft, Cage was a quiet young man, working from sunrise to sunset in order to keep his family living. After The Navy took him, he became even quieter, somewhat of a loner. At least on the farm he enjoyed himself, spending time with his family, taking care of them. But in the cramped quarters of a frigate ship, he couldn’t enjoy his mother’s dinner, he couldn’t play cards with his father after a long day of work. The only thing that followed him was his star gazing, but instead of searching through them on his roof, he was living amongst them in the stars, just a sky above his home.

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