Figure Drawing: Reflection, Movement, Mind Drawing

For this project, I had to draw an image of my reflection in a window, and everything that was outside the window, having to include motion, and adding the things that crossed my mind as I drew it. Those things being space, a show called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and politics.

I gave the image some asymmetrical balance by using the size of myself and the other two people in the background, contrasting each other in order to give the image some visual movement.

The object going through everyone’s head is a moving train. I curved the edges of the box cars to show the fast movement of the train, as well as adding multiple light arching lines, and lines with a descending weight to them, in order to show how fast the train was going.

The signs in the front of the image are the Japanese sign for menacing, which is heavily shown throughout Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I heavily emphasized the outlines of the menacing symbols to not only draw the viewers attention to them, but to also emphasize the importance of the show to me, seeing as Jojo is my favorite show.

The face to the left is another image of Jojo, and the face to the right is current enacting president Donald Trump. The idea for using Trump came from overhearing a conversation about the current political situation. I used the two faces on each side to create a balancing act to add another layer to the image, as well as to fill in empty space that otherwise would have felt barren. I used the both of them facing each other to create a dynamic of reality against fiction, and having to choose which one I would rather go towards, whereas my placement shows that I lean towards the fictional side.

I shaded my face to contrast with the rest of the image. Not only because that is what I saw, but to add some depth and meaning to the menacing symbols that are scattered across the page.

Incorporating digital media into the image, I used Photoshop to crop and brighten the image in order to make it more visually accessible through the internet.

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