Reflection Critique

After presenting my work and explaining the imagery within it, my colleagues gave their input on what could have been improved upon within it.

The first thing they noticed was how the train was not looking like a train, and had outlines that were too defined for an object that was moving so fast. They suggested to add in either the end of the train or the beginning of the train, so it didn’t look like curved rectangles that went across the page. They also suggested to give the areas between the box cars of the train more space, as realistically they would not be so close together.

Someone else pointed out the details of the Donald Trump face, and how all the other faces lacked such detail, such as defined eyebrows and mouth shapes as well as lines to present wrinkles around the eyes. The super detailed face of Trump seemed to draw their attention to him, and the lack of such details in the other faces made the viewers pass over them.

In the image, I was wearing a sweatshirt that I wear almost everyday, as it is my favorite jacket. One person pointed out that it was missing the batman symbol that is placed in the middle. I felt that the image could go on without such a symbol, but the viewer disagreed, saying it would make the jacket more iconic if the symbol were there to begin with.

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