3D Design and Color: Chair

Final Product

Artist Statement:

My base concept when designing this chair was movement, both physically and visually. The physical movement comes from the rocking of the seat, making it dynamic and interesting. The clay on the sides is circular to allow the viewer to flow down from the top to the bottom. There are very few hard edges in it, as to not disrupt the viewer from moving across the object.

The purple felt is there to give some interest color wise, choosing purple because it is my favorite color, and it does deter from the brightness of the clay and the wood, being a dark color. The back leg has a bead for visual interest, contrasting color wise to the clay, as well as a support for the leg.

Adding the woman into the image was used to give it some power, in a way that she makes the chair seem as a throne, with the overarching back going above her head, seeming larger than it should be, symbolizing power.

What I have taken from this project is to not rush into something and just jumble things together until you get something that you can just barely count as what you originally planned. This changed from what would be a rocking papasan chair into a throne for Mickey Mouse. Take things slowly, look at what you are doing, figure out what you need to do.

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