Figure Drawing: Self-Portrait

Reference Image

Final Drawing

Artist Statement

I chose this image for my self-portrait as it expresses my daily inner and outer expression throughout the day. I am content, joyful to be walking around, doing things with friends. Yet all the while I am extremely tense inside, hoping that I’m not doing something like failing a class or making a social situation awkward, always that looming sense of messing things up.

The soft edges around the entire image are a representation of my indifference. If I am given a decision, my most likely answer will be I don’t care, because I don’t have an actual preference. They can also tie in with the direction the portrait is facing it’s orientation is not direct with the viewer, much like how the lines are not direct but are fading into the background. By not having the portrait look at the viewer, they aren’t being recognized, therefore making them uncomfortable, much like how I feel while in conversations with others.

I gave the most amount of detail to my eyes and mouth, so that will be the first thing the viewer sees. They are how you enter a person’s face in conversation, and so that will be how you enter the piece.

The multiple impurities throughout the image, such as the skin dents, acne, and the frayed pieces of hair everywhere, are not mistakes. They were intentionally added to show that my faults, my mistakes, though they are a small part of me, complete me as a person. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am in this moment.

I used Photoshop in order to lighten my piece and turn it’s yellow tint to black and white, as to bring it closer to the reference image. I wanted the image to be realistic enough for the viewer to feel as if they can converse with it, even if it can’t.

Something I have taken from this is to not be afraid to implement parts of yourself into your images. This piece may be entirely about me, or the recreation of my image, but there are pieces of me in it that have a meaning to them. Physical characteristics that can give deeper insight into my psyche. Even if the piece isn’t about me, I should never alienate myself from it, there will always be a part of me that goes into the image.


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