Production: Documentary Pitch

Video Category: Documentary

General Topic: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Specific Topic: How Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure holds up to fans and how what they enjoy so much about the series

Pitch: One of the longest running Japanese comic series of all time, titled Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, is reaching it’s height in popularity, with not only having an animated adaptation in homes all across Japan, but a live action film adaptation having been released in theaters, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has affected many people within the country of Japan itself, as well as those in foreign lands. In North America, It has garnered in recent times a cult following, with many readers and viewers following it continuously. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is something unique, not only in a sense of story, but in how has gathered such a dedicated group of fans. As homage to such an audience, as well as it’s 30th anniversary being this year, I want to dive into what makes people enjoy this series so much, how they found it, what they enjoy the most of it.