Interactive Design- Net Art

Final Piece-

Artist Statement-

With this piece, I wanted to create something that exudes the amount of stress that is created in the artistic process. This piece is a representation of stress in the process of art, through its creation, its presentation, and its interpretation.

It was created through the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The page displays a video that shows the process of creating an art piece, and then the artists stressed view of their own work. When the viewer scrolls down, the video stretches, giving the page a strenuous look as it deforms from being elongated. If the user scrolls far enough, tears in the video begin to form, and the viewer is eventually left with what the artist will feel after all of this stress, the final phrase that expresses their frustration with the art they are presenting. The phrase is the last straw for them as they tear apart their work. If the user scrolls back up, they are still left with fragments of the tears that are irreplaceable and only fixable by resetting the entire page. It is much like taping a piece of paper back together, trying to fit the pieces on but it will never look the same, much like how an artist will never be the same after experiencing the kind of stress from creating and presenting their work to an unforgiving audience.

The creation of a piece is a process of hard work and deep thought. It takes time and effort to develop, and taking up most of the artist’s time and brain power. It is stressful on the body, and deeply stressful on the mind. The creation is represented by the drawing aspect of the video, the actual showcase of the creative process, executing the entire image.

The presentation of art is one of acceptance, that is both the artist and others accepting the piece as art. It is a process all in and of itself to have the work created be accepted as a piece of art. Even if the creator believes their work is good enough to be art, there is still the inevitability that others will not agree with this. The artist will have to work more than they already have when making the piece in order for others to accept it. The artist will soon give in, and no longer accept the opinion of others, they will just say a simple phrase and accept defeat. The presentation is shown through the ripping of the paper, as well as the phrase at the end of the page.

The interactivity of the piece sparks the interpretation. The user creates its own identity of the piece through scrolling up and down the page, the holes forming within it are almost never the same size, each user will create their own different view of the video being played in front of them, whether having large holes that block the viewer from seeing the page, or tiny fragments that only obscure a small section. It will almost never be what the viewer is expecting or hoping for, giving the stress of trying to fix the image that they wish to view.


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