Interactive Media- Visual Instrument Performance

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Advanced Modelling- Fantasy House

For this, the goal was to create a house that belonged in a fantasy setting. During the process of designing the house, I decided upon pixies that have taken hold of living inside of a dead rat. Taking the organic and turning it into something that is generally an inorganic structure.

Media Forge- Final Video

This video was created by a group of students including myself over the course of a 5 month period.

I was involved with every aspect of the video, from pre-production with helping to develop the script to being involved with storyboarding.

In the production phase of the video, I was involved with aiding in the recording of the voice over, getting the actor set up and prepared for the reading. I animated two portions of this video, one was the bicycle scene, the other being the doctor’s office scene. I was also there to compile all of the scenes together as well as fixing errors that were found during peer and client critiques.

This was an interesting experience, as I was exclusively working in a group rarely ever working alone. The biggest thing to take from this project is that communication is key. If the group isn’t communicating effectively, everything begins to fall apart.