Advanced Animation- Water Flow

This project involved taking 3 separate images from prompts, and connecting them in a short animation. The images all follow concepts and ideas of water, how it flows, it’s movement. Not only is this project a study of water’s fluidity, but it is also practice in fluid transitions between scenes.

The three prompts were as follows: The water surrounding my body, the water dripping from my finger, and the water coming from the faucet. I drew all of them as full images, each with their own identity through the amount of detail given with the water lines, as well as the way the water is drawn in each.

The true task was creating a smooth transition between each image with an animation. The first two images were more abstract in transition. The thought process behind it was that a person has both a head and a finger, so the person’s head moves up in the image, giving the impression that the camera is panning down, and the lines that make up the face turn into the finger, as they are connected by being part of the same body.

The second transition was more physical and less abstract, as the drops of water were falling by gravity, it seemed logical that after that came another item that fell by gravity, which is the water coming from the faucet. The zoom into the puddle for that transition is to give the viewer more of an impact by seeing the stream of the faucet up close, giving them a sense of surprise that the water droplets had turned into a stream, and then the zoom out is to reveal that the stream is actually coming from a faucet.

The most challenging portion of this project for me was not the transitions themselves, but the redrawing of the actual images. The faucet image is foreshortened, giving some depth and making the image seem like a waterfall, making the viewer see some marvel of construction to look at with a giant faucet. However, that foreshortening was difficult to translate into digital, as shown in the final animation. This is problem is based on my fundamental drawing skills, and has shown me that I really need to practice my fundamentals, and to never forget what I began with when drawing.

Insects Interactive- Dung Beetle

This project was a client based kiosk production. We were tasked in creating an interactive learning experience based on a certain species of bug, in this case the dung beetle, and showcase it/ allow audiences to play the game and learn more about the dung beetle. This piece was displayed at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, and was used to give a Girl Scout troop one of their merit badges.

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Advanced Modelling- Fantasy House

For this, the goal was to create a house that belonged in a fantasy setting. During the process of designing the house, I decided upon pixies that have taken hold of living inside of a dead rat. Taking the organic and turning it into something that is generally an inorganic structure.

Media Forge- Final Video

This video was created by a group of students including myself over the course of a 5 month period.

I was involved with every aspect of the video, from pre-production with helping to develop the script to being involved with storyboarding.

In the production phase of the video, I was involved with aiding in the recording of the voice over, getting the actor set up and prepared for the reading. I animated two portions of this video, one was the bicycle scene, the other being the doctor’s office scene. I was also there to compile all of the scenes together as well as fixing errors that were found during peer and client critiques.

This was an interesting experience, as I was exclusively working in a group rarely ever working alone. The biggest thing to take from this project is that communication is key. If the group isn’t communicating effectively, everything begins to fall apart.