Political Dadaism Poster


This image comes from my dissatisfaction for the abundance of nuclear weapons that are currently in the world, as well as the lack of concern for them. They are incredibly dangerous to our planet, as well as having the capability to wipe out the human race. They should be dismantled, and the use of nuclear energy should be used as a means to better society instead of destroying it.

With having so many nuclear weapons, I thought of a garden when they are grown on a regular basis, and people are consumers eating up the idea that these weapons are a means for security and safety. The fact of the clouds from the explosions of nuclear weapons being called mushroom clouds gave me the idea to have a mean eat them as a delicacy, and grow more weapons so he could create more mushroom clouds to consume.

In relation to Dadaism and photo collage, this image could have been better. It lacks the nonsense that made Dadaism so popular, and instead it shows more of a cohesive piece. Someone can see how everything relates in the image instead of everything seeming to be random. Is it nonsense that a man is eating a mushroom cloud and is growing nuclear warheads in his backyard? Yes. But does it all seem random and doesn’t correlate with each other? No. So therefore it somewhat fails to relate to Dadaism.