Figure Drawing: Self-Portrait

Reference Image

Final Drawing

Artist Statement

I chose this image for my self-portrait as it expresses my daily inner and outer expression throughout the day. I am content, joyful to be walking around, doing things with friends. Yet all the while I am extremely tense inside, hoping that I’m not doing something like failing a class or making a social situation awkward, always that looming sense of messing things up. Continue reading “Figure Drawing: Self-Portrait”


The Chair- Gesture Drawing


The original concept for this image was going to be just the backseat of the chair, emphasizing it being alone since it stands up by itself. But that would have made the piece too small as compared to the massive amount of negative space that is there, even though a lot of negative space was the intention, so the rest of the chair was added. The dark shadows in the front creases contrastingly pop out as the rest of the chair fades slowly into the back, giving the sense of atmospheric perspective. A light tint was added at the top and at the end of the seat for those were the parts with the most direct light, giving the lines higher value.

This project showed me that breaks are very good. I would not have gotten this project done without having a mental breakdown if I didn’t stop, do something else for a little bit, and then go back and rethink the piece. This has also shown me that cloth is very, very hard to draw.