Origami Marionette

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Character Backstory

A seasoned thief now past his prime needs to come out of retirement to save his house from foreclosure. Armed with his strong robbery past from his life as a poor child needing to fend for himself in the streets of New York City, as well as his skeleton key that can open any lock except the one to his own home, he sets out to steal enough money to pay his mortgage.

Artist Statement

I based the character around an experience I had once, where I was locked out of my own house after coming home from school one day. Everyone in my family had a key to the house except for me, and this upset me greatly, so I wanted to create a funny character out of an upsetting event. Basing it on irony was a big piece, adding to the comedy and wild aspects of the character.

Coloring of the puppet was not used to recreate reality, but was calculated. Certain colors, or certain color schemes, were placed next to each other to draw them out, give them contrast, like in the legs, as well as to strengthen the colors, such as the pink arm being pushed out from the light blue body.

Shapes were integral in showcasing a man past his heyday, someone who’s golden years were behind them. The big spherical body was used to make the man seem lethargic, with a long beard and a bald head. To further showcase the size of his mid section, I made all of the other pieces smaller, creating an off balance proportion by surrounding a larger object with smaller objects to make the larger one seem bigger by comparison.

Stringing the puppet was a strenuous process, taking a majority of the time, and even more of the effort. Having to string it together, and then restring it when something fell off or was too tightly strung, or was not tight enough.

The movement of the marionette was limited mainly to show the characters age. as he grows older, his body starts to slow down and his movements will gradually become less and less, no longer running or jumping, so to express that in the marionette I strung all of the strings on one handle instead of the usual two handles. The motion is awkward, but it is supposed to be.

Something that I have taken from this is that movement is something to study before you try to recreate it. You cannot draw someone doing a backbend if you don’t know how it looks in the first place.