Interactive Media- Level Design Game Beta

For this project, most of the critique came from the box colliders that kept players within the play area, as well as the enemies hitboxes seeming unfair.

To counteract this, I redid a majority of the boundary colliders, adding more so the players cannot escape the play area, as well as moving them around so the player feels like they can move throughout the entire room without being too limited. As for the hitboxes on the enemies, I lowered them, so that the hitbox is deep within the enemy, while at the same time, I increased the player hitbox by a small amount, which therefore allows the player to go within a better distance of the enemies without feeling cheated out of passing by the enemy.


Advanced Modelling- Fantasy House

For this, the goal was to create a house that belonged in a fantasy setting. During the process of designing the house, I decided upon pixies that have taken hold of living inside of a dead rat. Taking the organic and turning it into something that is generally an inorganic structure.

Interactive Media- Interactive Review #1

A Game I Could Play Forever- Cookie Clicker (Android)

This game is a mobile phone game, which means that it is touch based. There are no buttons, just a screen display that is interact able by touch.

Physically you can tap your fingers on the screen. When you tap, you make cookies, which adds to the cookie total at the top. As you get more cookies, you can buy upgrades that allows for the creation of cookies automatically, so tapping the actual device becomes more of a means to multiply the automatic cookie creation. When you tap to create cookies, it usually makes either some sort of dinging noise, or a satisfying crunch noise, as well as dropping cookies from the top of the screen as they are made.

The time between tapping on the screen and the cookies appearing is almost instant. Once you do a physical action on the screen, you get a visual and audible response.

When simply tapping, you are treated to different enjoyable noises and cookies falling from the top of the screen. There truthfully isn’t a “complex” action when it comes to Cookie Clicker, a majority of your actions are just tapping. You never slide your finger or make any motions, it is generally tapping. The most complex action to it is how fast you have to tap. The faster you tap the higher amount of cookies you gain due to the multiplier.

A Game That Frustrates Me- Castlevania (NES)

In order to interact with the game, I need to use my hands to press the buttons on the controller in order to move and use my player character in different ways.

I use my fingers to press buttons, pressing the movement pad makes me move left or right, pressing A makes me jump, pressing B uses my weapons. When I press UP and B at the same time, I use a special weapon I have picked up throughout the game.

Movement is quick to react in the game, you can hit left and right as fast as you can and the player character will respond almost immediately. However, when it comes to Jumping and attacking, it is more limited than that. Jumping is not nearly as quick, and you are exposed in the air for an incredibly long time, just waiting for an enemy to hit you. The jump has two different states in the game. There is a jump where you are standing still, and there is a jump where you are moving. You have no control of the jump. You do not control how far it goes at it goes at a set distance. You have no control of how high you jump with the extent of your button press. It will most always be the same jump, whether you are standing or moving. Attacking doesn’t have the exposure that jumping does since you are able to defend yourself when using an attack, however it still has some windup to it, making you have to react slightly before you need to.

The most frustrating parts of Castlevania is the clunky movement and the archaic system to use the items you pick up. Your movement speed is set to such a slow speed that it sometimes feels like a drag when you are walking down a corridor. It is even worse when you are being chased by an enemy, you cannot outrun them, so therefore you are forced to either used you terribly gimped jump to get over them, or be quick enough to attack them.

The games difficulty is fairly hard from the beginning, and gets harder as it goes. The game leads you into most obstacles as combinations. You are introduced to staircases at the same time a ghoul enemy appears on screen. You are introduced to bottomless pits at the same time Swamp monsters appear. The game will always showcase a new enemy type at times that a new mechanic is introduced. The game doesn’t really lead the player through any of the difficulty. Castlevania will not hold your hand, even if you need it. The game throws you into the mosh pit and then sprinkles a couple of steroids every once in a while, to the other people in the pit.

Media Forge- Final Video

This video was created by a group of students including myself over the course of a 5 month period.

I was involved with every aspect of the video, from pre-production with helping to develop the script to being involved with storyboarding.

In the production phase of the video, I was involved with aiding in the recording of the voice over, getting the actor set up and prepared for the reading. I animated two portions of this video, one was the bicycle scene, the other being the doctor’s office scene. I was also there to compile all of the scenes together as well as fixing errors that were found during peer and client critiques.

This was an interesting experience, as I was exclusively working in a group rarely ever working alone. The biggest thing to take from this project is that communication is key. If the group isn’t communicating effectively, everything begins to fall apart.

Interactive Design- Javascript Exercises and Site Concept


Canvas Drawing:

Keyboard Event:

Timed Event:

Parallax Scrolling:

Drop Down Display:

Site Concept

A parallax scrolling site that consists of different foods