Production 2- Individual Project

this project is a video art piece that is inspired by the work of Bill Viola, mainly his two pieces Reflecting Pool and the art installation Martyrs. This project is showcasing the human connection with nature and referencing how the cycles of the seasons is comparable to the cycles of human life, going from birth which represents spring, childhood and youth which represents summer, adulthood representing fall, and death, representing winter.

Each phase of the cycle has a set color applied to it, these colors are based on multiple opinions taken from others, all the colors ranged within the area of the colors used for the video.

The bodies are aligned in a way to give a sense of the cycle, as well as a form of depth to showcase the length of the cycle. As well this video delves into the concept of “absence of space” which shows something on one side of the frame and has the viewer expect something on the next side of the frame.

Some symbolism related to the positioning of the two end phases, birth and death, are that they are the closest to nature, and therefore were positioned in that way, the baby phase curled around the tree and the death phase surrounded by trees.