Production: Final Project Proposal

The basis for this final video will be an action sequence with a twist. It will begin with A couple of friends having a NERF gun war, having fun and messing around. After some time, a third contender shows up, but without a gun. He holds up his hand, extending his pointer finger and thumb in the symbolic form of a handgun. Then as the ones with the NERF weapons will be amazed by the the finger, as it then fires a laser out and at the wall. They drop the NERF guns and everyone begins to fight with laser fingers. After a few action oriented scenes, a few people will get shot and die. Someone who holds power like a teacher will after walk in and be shot by the final victor.

This video will rely heavily on visual and special effects. The effects are used to create what is the main focus of the video, a “suspension of disbelief.” The main purpose of the video will be to insight some form of a changed reality with the viewer, so they relate more to the fiction setting.

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Production: Video Art

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Production: Video Art Idea

The inspiration for my video will be from the Gorillaz song Double Bass, which appeared as the 9th track on their self-titled debut album.  In it is this aspect of duality, whereas the composers of the song were both playing the bass, going off of each other. One playing sharp grimy sounds that connected with the fluid, soft, and bouncy sounds of another. This is relatable to how a single person can have different sides to themselves. Our personalities are not one sided, we have different ways we feel all of the time and it can change constantly as well as instantly. My aesthetic will be the 90s, a sort of urban jungle grime placement. It’s dark and vast, yet it is filled with vibrancy and life. The 90’s were a time of rebellion, which is what the Gorillaz were based off of.

Certain shots I would use is a train track in between some buildings to give the idea of being in a populated area. There will be two people, one on each side of the tracks. They will be the same person, but will have some aspect of themselves that are different. They will stand there in a sort of face off, zooming in to display their visual differences. They will not cross over the tracks, as the distance between each side will remain constant, just as the song Double Bass has no definite end, it just stops.

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Production: Montage


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Production: Documentary

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Intermediate 3D Animation: Peer Critique

First comes the positive aspects of the animation. The staging is well displayed, the arrangement of the reference footage and the character give the sense that the character is the main focus. There are well shown arcs in the movement of the arms, the way they swing outward in big circles.

Next we look at the problems that are occurring. The most prominent and consistent issues are the anatomy. When the character raises his leg, their foot essentially breaks at the ankle, bending all the way up to their shin. Anything from the shoulder up, that is the neck and shoulders, does not change at all, there is no bouncing or weight to it, it all is very stiff. The clavicle does not move at all, therefore his arm moving strangely. The characters back is almost broken on the downward swing. The arches in his arms were good, however the legs lack that aspect, not going off of a joint as much as they are sliding forward when the knee does. The timing of the animation is inconsistent, there will be times where something will move throughout multiple frames, but then just stop movement for 2 frames. There is of the animation where the arms and legs are still in motion, but the body is completely still, and it is the only time that happens. If it happened throughout the video it would make sense, but that one instance of the body stopping gives it a sense of really slowing down, a little too much slow down for such a fast action.

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Intermediate 3D Animation: Walk Cycle

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